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As many of Our drivers will be aware real life caught up with the managment and sort of took over, Certian ares of the management now have the time again to Finally focus back on the VTC which is good and will get the VTC back on its feet. Watch this space.




Employee of the Month

We will be bringing Employee of the month back. So get those jobs in and see if you will be named as employee of the month. :)


Convoy tonight for more info goto

Costs How they work

There has been some confusion over how the costs work. If you leave them as 0 then you are covering the costs yourself and not the company when you enter them into the costs section then they are covered By us So quick revision 0 means you pay for them, adding them in the company covers them. Luggs

Jobs and costs

Please don't forget to submit the fees while on a job this is ferry crossing costs Train cost and toll costs. Only mention Fuel costs if you have to fuel up while doing the job. It tells you the fees on the job screen before you take the job when it concerns Ferries tolls and the train. Any future jobs that are known to have ferry or train costs could be denied. Luggs (marcus)


There is a Truckfeast today on ATS being Helod by to celebrate their birthday they will be having give aways etc so would love it if company members could show their faces. They will have their own server in the server list. It Starts at 12pm today.


please can all employees start submitting jobs. if its only a short drive once a week it all helps many thanks
Luggs (marcus) and Sofa.


Please can the managers keep a eye on trucknet. I cannot accept my own jobs as its not right but a job sitting there for 4 days is silly. So please keep a eye on trucknet.

Thanks Luggs


 Please start getting those jobs submitted I have been logging in to trucknet every day for the last 3 days and not seen any jobs (apart from me) submitted so please start submitting them. Thanks.

Also Managers plese keep a eye on the jobs submissions thank you

Luggs Marcus

Unforseen Issues

Due to a unforeseen problem It will be alittle longer till I am back properly unfortantly things in life pop up and have to be dealt with. As before I will still be doing my duties but take a few days for me to reply to any issues problems there may be. I ask that the managers keep an eye out for submittied jobs on trucknet and also ask about talking with each other and the convy manager about arranging a drive. Many thanks Luggs

TruckNet Update

Trucknet updated to 
Leaderboard added 

- Sofa

Notice for Employees

Due to schools going back soon I won't be around much for the next week. I will still be doing my duties but may take longer for jobs to get accepted as this cannot be helped as I have to get the kids sorted Just keeping you all updated :) Luggs (marcus)


Please can employees start submitting jobs and with job costings I have been asked exactly what should be put. Fuel costs, repair costs (if you have to repair the truck while on a job) and toll costs should all be put in job costings. hope that helps clear that bit up. Also If you are and out about and see any drivers (who are not already in a vtc) talking bout possibly joining one mention ours and give them the website. It will help us grow :)
Luggs (marcus)

Admin chat on discord

Just a quick note the admin chat is for Euromail management only. Please stop asking to be moved into it if you need to chat to one of us. Pm us or go into the chat room. Admin chat is for the managment only really and not all drivers. Many thanks Marcus (luggs)

Trucknet Features

I hope everyone is enjoying the new website as much as I am, Want new features ? make sure to message me or Luggs on this and we will do our best to get it implemented


We now have a facebook page. its pretty basic at the current time as I am still working on it. if you want to look. Just remeber its a WIp but feel free to like it as announcements pictures of comvys and videos of our compan antics outings will be posted to it.
Luggs (marcus)

TruckNet Changes

Trucknet version updated to 1.6.6

First Unofficial company convoy

See details in the link


Welcome to the new EuroMail :)